ISMET - Member of the Trade Association Transformers & Power Supplies (T & S) of the ZVEI

The approx. 1,600 companies of ZVEI (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektroindustrie e.V.) are essential pacesetters of technical progress.
The member companies in the ZVEI trade association T & S work primarily on winding products specific topics. on standardization.


Ismet supplies transformers for 3 MVA lithium-ion storage

With the delivery of 3 medium voltage transformers, Ismet is involved in the delivery and successful commissioning of the first multi-megawatt battery.




The plant was designed for Europe's largest producer of renewable energy and realized in just 10 months. In the immediate vicinity of a run-of-river power station, the energy storage unit supplies primary control energy to the supply network.
Ismet has delivered a total of 3 medium voltage transformers, each with 1000 KVA.
The transformers were installed directly in the location of the run-of-river power plant in the battery containers.

Application       : Inverter operation, multi-megawatt battery to stabilize the power grid.

                          U.Pri: 3x 20 kV

                          U.Sec I:  3x 380 V

                          U.Sec II: 3x 380 V

Power               : 1000 kVA

Dimensions      : 1570 x 1000 x 1900 mm

Weight              : 3.100 kg

Delivery date     : Commissioning in February 2016